Huebner Beer sign

Welcome to the History & Hops Tour. You should be parked on Broadway Street in front of the Maumee Bay Brewery at the Oliver House to start our tour. You can use your web-enabled smartphone or tablet to learn how beer brewing played an important role in Toledo’s past — and continues to shape our future. You'll learn about the roots of Toledo's grand brewing heritage from the first breweries on the East Side, to Lenk's Hill on Nebraska, to shipping beer throughout the region from Toledo’s Warehouse District. We've also thrown in some local history in between the brewery-related stops to keep things fresh.

Grab your family and friends, pack a few snacks, and hop into your car for this D.I.Y. tour. History & Hops is about 20 miles in length, consists of 20 stops, and takes about two hours to complete. All of the roads used are public and traffic on some can be fairly heavy. Use caution, especially when pulling into traffic or slowing for a stop. Obey all posted speed limits and traffic regulations.

Are you ready to explore Toledo through the lens of our area’s rich beer brewing history? Let's go!