Traveling North on Front Street

We’re now moving into Birmingham.  This area along Front and Consaul Streets had so many steel mills and foundries along the river that people coming over from Europe in the early 1900's referred to it as Birmingham in reference to Birmingham, England, an industrial powerhouse located in West-Central England.

The industrial growth of this area at the turn of the 20th century was phenomenal.  Many companies opened operations in East Toledo, including the National Milling Company, Toledo Furnace (which later became Interlake Iron), Trotter Lumber Company, Craig Shipbuilding (which became Toledo Shipbuilding), and May Coal Company.  East Toledo was booming with activity in the early 20th century.  To give you an idea of how plentiful the jobs were, consider this fact: the National Malleable Casting Company went from 200 men when it opened in 1890 to over 1,600 by 1915.

Today, Tony Packo's serves as headquarters for the Birmingham neighborhood and many residents will tell you the East Side is still the Best Side!


You should be parked on Consaul, west of Front next to the Fire Station, stay put for the next part of the tour.