East Toledo History

Along the Route to Oak and Front Street

The East Side of the Maumee has had a long and rich history.  In fact, the oldest known settlement of any kind in the Toledo area is on the east bank of the Maumee on Miami Street, near the intersection of Fassett.  A large 4-ton boulder, erected by the Fort Industry Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, marks where an Erie Indian fort once stood as early as the 1650s.

In 1807, Peter Navarre and his brothers settled along Maumee Bay east of the Maumee River.  Later, other settlers followed with names like Gladieux, Rideout, Consaul, Platt, and Millard.  As East Toledo grew, the inhabitants had great respect for the settling of America's west as they named several of their streets after new territories: Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah.  In fact, the area was originally called Oregon Township by Pierre M. Irving, a nephew of Washington Irving, author of a popular account of John Jacob Astor's financing of fur trading in the Oregon Territory between 1811 and 1813.


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