Original Buckeye Brewery

Consaul and Front Street

Think this is a dead-end? Actually, the Ash-Consaul bridge used to connect Toledo’s North End with the East Side here.  The bridge was recycled when they built the new Cherry Street Bridge (now called the Martin Luther King Memorial Bridge) in 1913.

You might think we’ve pulled the bus up to get a better view of Tony Packo’s but we want you to imagine this corner before Packo’s. Think way back and get a load of this Toledo brewing fact: This corner was the site of the original Buckeye Brewing Company in 1838.  That’s right! 1838. 

The Buckeye Brewing Company was one of the oldest businesses in Toledo, opening its first brewery only one year after the city was founded.

Buckeye continued in business for 134 years, becoming a namesake for the city. It endured through the social and economic turmoil of the Civil War and both World Wars and even survived the immense challenges brought on by the Depression and Prohibition, which spelled the end of so many of its formal rivals. We’ll share more of the fascinating Buckeye story over on Bush Street later in our tour.

Turn right on Front and turn right at the Craig Memorial Bridge.​